• TFit Workout #170 Quick Fat Burner #1

    Quick Fat Burner workout today. 20 min and you do the following 4 exercises and reps non stop. 5 Burpees 100 m Sprint 8 Kettlebell 2 Arm Clean and Press 10 Squat Jums That is it! So you do these 4 exercises for 20 min. How many rounds can you do?

  • TFit Workout #169 Tuesday Workout 10/27/15

    Here is an other great workout. We did this last night and we are all sore today. Warm up with treadmill run and some ab exercises. We did bicycles, “L” Pulses, Banana hold, Superman. Start with a 4 min tabata. 20/10 sec intervals X 8 (4 minutes) 1. Mountain Climbers 2. Tuck Jumps Workout 1

  • TFit Workout #168 Crazy Workout!!!

    I am back and I have new workouts for you guys!!! Here is the first one. I will post a few here on my blog, the rest will be available in the members only page. Warm up and let’s do this!!!! Good luck! Start with 50 ball slams and 50 TRX Hamstring Curls. 1. Kettlebell

  • TFit Workout #167 Weekend Workout

    We did a steady state run for a warm up and ladder drills without band and with the band. 20 reps 5 rounds Squat Jumps Side Lunges Lunge Kicks Jump Lunges Bridges

  • TFit Workout #166 Butt Burner

    Awesome workout today! Warm up and let’s do this! 2X15 Single Leg Bridges 3X10 Chair Step Up Kick Back to Lunge 4X20 Lunges 2X10 Pistol Squats 4X10 Deadlifts Bonus (you know me I just have to add this to the workout ;)) Band Jumping Jacks X 50 Band Side Walk X 30 each way Band