• TFit Workout #179 Beast Workout


    Warm up and have fun!
    We already did workouts like this so you guys are familiar with it. First round we do everything 50 reps, second round 40, third 30,… last round 10 reps everything. Make sure you finish all the reps before you move to the next exercise.
    BONUS Here is a bonus for advanced team members. At the end of every minute you do 3 Burpees. You guys will love this workout!!!

    Here are the exercises:

    50 Jump Rope High Knees
    50 Box Jumps
    50 Spider Lunges
    50 Toe Touches
    50 Big Flutter Kicks
    50 Push Ups
    50 Wall Ball

    This was round #1, round #2 you do 40 reps for every exercise, round #3 30 reps,…. last round 10 everything and you are done.
    If you are doing the Bonus you stop doing the exercise and do 3 Burpees at the end of each minute, then you go back to the exercise.

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