Hello and welcome… I’m caoch Timi Torok and I’m thrilled you’re here!

You know we’re a lot alike, you and me. Why? Because we’re both striving to get fit and stay healthy and in shape!

I'm Coach Timi - your fitness and nutrition expert!Which means we have a lot of hard work and challenges we face – sometimes doing things we’re not crazy about. Working out, eating healthy and staying fit can be a drag…

Well, not anymore. I provide simple to follow, fun and proven fitness solutions through Beach Body AND the accountability and support you need to stick with it and be successful!

Getting and staying fit and healthy is a challenge. Keep reading to find out how I got here, where I’m going and where I can take YOU.

I’m Timi, and I LOVE what I do!

After giving birth to my first beautiful baby girl, I wasn’t it the best shape. I struggled to lose my pregnancy pounds, felt tired a lot and had unhealthy eating habits. One day, I looked in the mirror and said, “that’s it!” I was done being unhealthy and out of shape!

I was determined to get fit. But I had no idea where to start! Then I saw an INSANITY commercial. (I actually already had P90x for 3 years but didn’t use it!) INSANITY looked awesome, so I started there.

INSANITY...Crazy, but it gets the job done!

Me (r) drenched after a kick-butt workout!

Crazy? Yeah, a little, but after only 60 days of fun, kick-butt workouts, my whole life changed! My muscles became toned, my endurance skyrocketed and i finally looked forward to my workouts.

From there, I went through P90x (finally). I loved it too, but INSANITY is more my style. So, I went back through INSANITY again, but this time I followed the nutrition and diet plan. WOW! That was the key.

I got into the best shape of my life and haven’t looked back! The difference in what I ate made my body and health what it is today. Diet is 80% (at least) of your success.

Now, I live out my dreams! (HINT: You’re in it!)

I'm Coach Timi - your fitness and nutrition expert!I quickly acquired my own Nutritionist Certificate and became a Beach Body Coach! I had to share this with the people in my life. It was so much fun, I began offering Free Fit Clubs of my own and inviting others to experience Beach Body for themselves.

I love it! I get paid to workout and coach others on how to be healthy, and fit for life!

I believe working out and eating right is crucial to staying fit and healthy for life! BUT – I don’t believe it has to be dreadful or take over your life. In fact, why don’t you sign up here and get my simple, fun fitness and nutrition tips starting now – It’s a BIG help:

And thank you so much for stopping by. Helping YOU get fit and healthy is my business!

Here’s to the end of struggle and pain and to the beginning of your fun, healthy and fit life!

Coach Timi~